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Friday, May 18, 2007

hontoni otsukaresama deshita

my blog-chan has changed from
a bitchy/naive HS rant corner to... a regularly-updated Takki shrine.

i wont be using blogger anymore cause ive found a much better blog host...
i wont delete this old blog tho, so all my old info will still be here.
but hopefully a new start will make things even better~ ^_^


so say farewell to blog-chan here and remember to edit ur links~

((post #505 on May 18th)) ♥ *lol* great. now ive gotta start all over again.

second to last

good news and bad news coming up i guess?

[Takki tidbits]

- J-net posted an additional show to the Enbujou schedule!
- the additional show is on the 29th at 11 am.

- i think i got it wrong...the FC's going to send out BALLOT RESULTS! and not ticket applications...sumimasen.

- [女性セブン] pg. 21 - T&T Dame article
- [Oricon Style] pg. 7 - T&T con report?

- yesterday, some fangirl's friend was in an elevator with Takki!!!!
- she wasnt a fan, but she said that he was very nice and *~subarashii~* (^~^)
- god dammit. y do all the non-fans get all the luck...SERIOUSLY. NOT FAIR.

for those of you who were waiting for my sensei's pic... LOL u're gonna have to keep waiting. i dont think she brought it today...hell i dont even kno if she took one! but shelby, didnt sensei say "i'll show you two tomorrow?" haha i swear i heard that!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

things will change this weekend.

kyaaa~! im reallllly excited for this~ ive always wanted to do something about _____ , but never actually got the motivation to? but this weekend, i will definitely do it. cause ive had enough of this ridiculous shit...

[Takki tidbits]

- a fan went to the family club the other day?
- T&T's Dame poster (with signatures) are obviously still there.
- behind the counter, there was a Hidezo and T&T doll!!

- heard that the FC will send out Enbujou ticket applications tomorrow~

- Zubari recording today~ ^___^

- omg the pamphlet is so kakkoii!!!!! @ first, i thought it was just a simple "b&w w/ a swirl on the side" design...but then i tried to connect the pics and i realized...

*LOL* am i the only 1 that didnt kno?? hahaha

ohhhhh and u guysssssss!!!! today, my *~nihongo no sensei~* walked by shelby's desk and saw the タッキー&翼 on her binder and she said "あっ~ シェルビーさん。タッキー&翼は..."

S & I: EHHH!?
Sensei: i was in Yokohama...

ボン:  コンサート! 横浜アリーナ!
先生:  Yes!
ボン:  *DIESSSS*
先生:  oh no no, i didnt go... ano...there were lots of people!
ボン:  たくさんですね~
先生:  it was on the 13th? 2 shows?
ボン:  hai! sou desu~ ^___^
先生:  i asked the guard, "who's concert is this?" and he said "タッキー&翼" and i said "oh~" 有名ですか?
ボン:  hai!
先生:  ah i will show you it tomorrow.

(the conversation was mostly in japanese, but i only remember what i said lol) uta;dsjalksjdf;klajsdjf U GUYSSSSS I SERIOUSLY DIEDDDDDD LOL shes going to "show us" a pic tomorrow?? *ROFL* shelby and i think that sensei was really in japan for the T&T con and NOT for her "niece's wedding" hahahah SENSEI!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sheep demon

sankyuuu Nere for translating 301!
*lol* Takki, my last entry was 501...

hahha but for some reason while i was reading her translation, instead of reading "sleep demon" i read "SHEEP demon" and once again, Baka-Me was going (' . ' ?) and so i thought, "counting sheep isnt manly enough...hes got to BATTLE friggin sheep demons to fall asleep."

but then i realized that there was something incredibly wrong...people only count sheep when they cant fall asleep *DUHR* while Takki was writing Takiren, he was probably so exhausted, he wouldve started snoring before the first sheep even got a chance to jump the fence! XD

aiyaaaaa so much hw today *DIES*

[Takki tidbits]

- the last article of Konna Takitsuba Dame... was a Tsubie interview. they only showed a tiny pic of T&T laughing. very nice u guys. what, we dont even deserve an actual T *AND* T article? they always have to do it seperately?! urghhh

- but happier news! Tsubie's new pic column in TV Pia is going to be called [翼の一片] (Tsubasa no Ippen) !!!

- today, the re-air of SOS ended~
- speaking of...u guys remember Yui (or Fukada Kyoko) from SOS?
- a MIXI article wrote that she and Takki were seen at a location shoot together.
- they were at a beach in Oiso.
- rumor is, its for the 24hr TV SP drama~

- Jyoushima-sempai from TOKIO mentioned Takki during [Ai no Apron].

u kno what i want for a T&T 5th anniversary present? .... i want T&T to write a song together. a song dedicated to all of us. and i want them to use it as the themesong for their very own TV show. thats what i want X)

Monday, May 14, 2007


yatta!! my previous post was my 500th entry~ *pats blog* hontoni otsukaresama!

and i realized today that i am just realllllly realllllly baka. and *blur* sometimes. its erm...i blame the HADAKA photosets and posters ;alskdjf;lakjds

[Takki tidbits]

- in this week's Zubari was pre-recorded (the day before the con @ Gunma), so dont have a heart attack when u see Takki with his old brown hair *LOL* i was baka and freaked out until i realized...

- [The Television] will feature an article (pg. 17) about T&T being on 24hr TV.

- Takki was in Kyoto yesterday and there were reports of people seeing him @ a shrine called 鞍馬寺 (Kuramadera).

[newsclips] Yokohama Arena

A-san emailed me and told me that Takki went to the clinic recently and got a big vitamin shot/injection. of course, we wont know if this is really true, but hell, lets face it. why would anyone make that up??

and poor Takkiiiiii! he just finished the con last night and he had to wake up at 5 this morning for a location shoot in Kyoto... *tsk* im getting so worried, though i know i shouldnt be. Takki's a grown man. he knows what his limit is (;_;)

*LOL* its kinda sad...i worry more about him than i worry about my aunt who has cancer ^_^;

[Zoomin] 5.14.2007

D/L: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4b9g2g

[Mezamashi] 5.14.2007

D/L: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fhw5g0

PS: T&T site updated~ [Information] + [From Staff]

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"im getting my sign formed."

*LOLLLL* its just one of those baka moments in life...

[Takki tidbits]

- Zoomin and Mezamashi are now up on LAKYNIU!

- Takki updated Takiren!!! early morning location shoot ka...

- J-Net has updated with Tsubie's solo perf thing in August. i heard that its more of a dance performance...so its a tweaked version of a solocon? cause on J-net, its right under "Concert"...
→ http://www.johnnys-net.jp/kouen/concert/tsubasa_07sum.html

- skammie also found two Zoomin WS clips on youtube~ arigatou! ^o^
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cXInN5-z1Q
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgnTQ-WsWp4

erm...no comment about the Dame tinfoil suits XD but i thought the SAMURAI kimono outfits were really cool~!! muchhh better than the Crazy Rainbow ones lol... *ROFL* "we hit each other a lot anyways"?! T&T have mini fights back stage?

- anyways, for the time being... T&T were also on Narutomo yesterday!
- (they were on [スッキリ!] too.)

翼 : When he goes to karaoke, he always sings "Sarai" by himself.
滝 : its delightful ne
翼 : Also cause he has the CD
レ : eh? u own one?
滝 : i do , i do (持ってます持ってます)

[SC] 5.13.2007 - Takki VTR

EHHHHHHH SORE DAKE!? ..... it was sort of disappointing that it was only 5 minutes long. oh well. its much better than nothing.

"The man Shounen Club loves!!" LOLL!!! its true that everyone loves Takki, but...
WHO IS THE SUCK-UP THAT CAME UP WITH THAT~ common show urselffff now. Maru? Kota? Kawai? common u guys. *somebody* is trying to earn extra brownie points/free sushi dinners from our kakkoii sempai.... XD


to tell u the truth, i had a really hard time picking out which screenies i wanted to show cause i took so friggin many!! i slideshowed all of them and its really cute how he had so many DIFFERENT facial expressions (and all within 5 minutes) XD he looked happy, serious, a little pissed, a little confused... KAWAIIIII~~~

Takkiiiiiii, u apparently couldnt understand my email because look at u! u're so skinny u can hide ur entire body behind a fat table leg *lol*

HAHA btw, u see how hes always showing off that white Chanel watch? *sigh* yes Takki our King. we can see that u're the richest of them all.... he looked like a big mean sempai a couple of times in the clip I loved the Jr's reaction when he walked in the room ♥

erm...sry guys. i dont kno how to cut clips. unless u want me to u/l the whole episode, Michelleeee~~ tasukette~

PS: omg omg omg kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! helly i love u!!!!!!!!!
if i get heart failure im gonna blame u woman *LOL*

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'06 memories w/ my friends

"Welcome to our concert.
We thank you all for being here today.

It’s the end of the year. It’s time to end. And it’s time to remember love. Without you, without your support, and without your love, we wouldn’t be here.

For the past years, you have made our lives so wonderful, and we would like to apologize that we haven’t been able to see you.

However, today is the day to enjoy it, having a wonderful time together which comes straight from our hearts.

To show our gratitude, we would like to dedicate this concert to you. And our love for you. Because we know in life, All you need is Love.

Now, on your left is
Hideaki Takizawa.
On your right is
Tsubasa Imai.
Here they are, introducing
Tackey & Tsubasa.

滝沢演舞城 2007

7/3 @ 18:00 *
7/4 @ 18:00 *
7/5 @ 13:00 *
7/5 @ 18:00 *
7/7 @ 12:00 *
7/7 @ 17:00 *
7/8 @ 12:00 *
7/8 @ 17:00 *
7/9 @ 13:00 *
7/9 @ 18:00 *
7/10 @ 13:00 *
7/11 @ 13:00 *
7/11 @ 18:00 *
7/12 @ 13:00 *
7/12 @ 18:00 *
7/14 @ 12:00 *
7/14 @ 17:00 *
7/15 @ 12:00 *
7/15 @ 17:00 *
7/16 @ 12:00 *
7/16 @ 17:00 *
7/17 @ 13:00 *
7/18 @ 13:00 *
7/19 @ 13:00 *
7/19 @ 18:00 *
7/21 @ 12:00 *
7/21 @ 17:00 *
7/22 @ 12:00 *
7/22 @ 17:00 *
7/23 @ 13:00 *
7/23 @ 18:00 *
7/24 @ 13:00 *
7/25 @ 13:00 *
7/25 @ 18:00 *
7/26 @ 13:00 *
7/26 @ 18:00 *
7/28 @ 12:00 *
7/28 @ 17:00 *

Dame!Con Dates

Hokkaido - 2/03 *
Hokkaido - 2/04 *
Iwate - 2/10 *
Sendai - 2/11 *
Ishikawa - 2/17 *
Niigata - 2/18 *
Nagoya - 2/24 *
Nagoya - 2/25 *
Fukuoka - 3/03 *
Fukuoka - 3/04 *
Kouchi - 3/10 *
Hiroshima - 3/18 *
Houzan - 3/21 *
Gunma - 3/24 *
Koriyama - 3/25 *
Yokohama - 5/12 *
Yokohama - 5/13 *

Osaka - 5/27 *

(All info from J-Web)


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